Christian walking the Line

In the summer of 1970, the already great climber – mountaineer Dietrich Hasse together with his friend professional photographer – mountaineer Heiz Lotar Stutte, came to Meteora. Since then, climbing has become a sport, as it is known today. We estimate that more than 200 climbing routes were opened and all 100 rock towers of the field were climbed from 1975 to 1985. That was a very difficult feat since these people were coming to Meteora only in the Summer season and the Greek climbing scene was in its start. Hasse and Stutte are fairly considered fathers of climbing at Meteora.

We do not know for sure whether the first climb in Meteora took place between the 9th or the 10th Century. What we know for sure is that it was before the ancestor of alpinism. Hundreds years before the climb of Mt Ventoux in 1336 and before the climb of Mt Aiguille in 1492. It could not be far from the truth that the World’s first climb in a remote peak, the first technical demanding rock climb, took place in Meteora.

Dietrich Hasse, 1975

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