Anna grew up near Pindos mountain range in Central Greece . Her love for the outdoors was strong since her early age, when she and her father were exploring the mountains and the rocky faces of Meteora, spending endless hours doing sports of different kind. Since then, she always found herself being happy whenever she was outside creating a special bond with the elements of nature, either hanging from a rope high above the ground or climbing mountains, limestone walls or snowboarding with friends. She remained in love with the mountains ever since. Anna holds an MSc in Architecture but her inner passion had always been the art of story telling through images. After a period spent at the Royal College of Art where she studied Spatial and Interior design she attended the M.Sc. Cinema department at London Film School with a specialty in Directing Fiction. Her belief is that the strongest images, moving or still, have a story to tell, some of them are worth to share and explore. “The feeling that you take with you after you have seen an image ,is what this image is all about to me ..the feeling that you take with you ,sometimes for a moment …sometimes for life ..” Combining her deep knowledge of cinema, art and design, she founds purpose in creating images with a more cinematic approach that deliver a story and give birth to a feeling.

“…Its all about the backstory...”